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Minimising Environmental Impact

At MLS Groundworks, we understand that hardscaping can have a large
environmental impact and we strive to minimise this as much as possible. We believe it is important to use hardscapes that are made from sustainable materials and that don’t require excessive amounts of water or energy for maintenance. We also ensure all hardscape features are designed with the environment in mind, ensuring they are not overly intrusive on natural ecosystems.

The hardscape materials we choose also have minimal environmental impact. For example, our pavers are made from recycled or reclaimed materials such as glass, plastic or stone so that they don’t contain toxic chemicals or pollutants. Our retaining walls use natural stones and other earth-friendly building materials so that your hardscapes remain beautiful for years to come without damaging the environment.


In the UK,  hardscape projects must follow certain governmental regulations in order to ensure that hardscaping does not negatively impact the environment. These regulations are in place to protect natural ecosystems, water sources and air quality. At MLS Groundworks, we make sure to adhere to all applicable laws when hardscaping an outdoor space so you can have peace of mind knowing your hardscapes are environmentally friendly and do not endanger the life of plants and animals living in your area. 

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