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Building Homes with Excellence: Your Trusted Partner for Brickwork Jobs in Kent

If you are looking for someone to complete your brickwork jobs in Kent, MLS Contractors is your lively and dependable construction company. We prioritise teamwork with developers and specialise in creating new homes, aiming to bring outstanding homes to life with a clear vision.


Our commitment to excellence is evident in delivering top-notch finishes while adhering to the highest industry standards. We offer a range of services for both businesses and homes.


Since our establishment in 2012, MLS Contractors has completed numerous projects in the Southeast. We are recognised for our efficiency, honesty and quality workmanship—consistently finishing projects on time and exceeding client expectations.


Our dedication to good work and high customer service has propelled our rapid growth in the area. Despite our expansion, we remain true to the honesty and friendliness characteristic of a small local company.


Maintaining open, honest and dependable relationships with all our clients, whether they are homes or businesses, is at the core of our values. Trust in our service is pivotal for the success of any project.

Working alongside developers

From the start of the idea to the finished result, MLS Contractors puts a big focus on talking and working together. Our team of experts talks openly with developers, paying attention to what they want for the project.


We get what the developers aim for and that helps us give helpful ideas to make the building process better. MLS Contractors know it’s vital to finish on time and stay within the budget. With careful planning and smart project management, we make sure the building stays on schedule and within the agreed-upon time.

Stone Wall Specialists for Your Project, Including Brickwork Jobs in Kent

At MLS Contractors, we’re pleased to offer excellent construction services that cater to our clients’ needs, including brickwork jobs in Kent. We specialise in crafting stone walls using various methods such as traditional brickwork, flintwork, blockwork and stonewalling.

Our experienced team is well-versed in the construction industry, employing a variety of techniques and materials. Each project is unique and we collaborate closely with clients to understand their preferences, ensuring that the result exceeds expectations.


Whether you need a stone wall for your garden or outdoor space, or you’re aiming to create an impressive feature wall inside your home, we have the skills and expertise, including brickwork, to bring your vision to life. We use only high-quality materials and our skilled craftsmen take pride in delivering exceptional workmanship.

Recognising that building a stone wall, including brickwork jobs in Kent, involves a significant investment, we offer competitive pricing and maintain transparent communication throughout the project. We believe that trust is crucial for a successful project and we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients.

If you’re searching for a reliable and professional construction company specialising in stone walls and brickwork jobs in Kent, look no further than MLS Contractors.

Custom Solutions Just for You

At MLS Contractors, we’re proud to offer a service that’s all about you. Our team of experts, who know their stuff, will work closely with you to create a solution that fits your needs and budget perfectly.

We get that every project is different, so we make sure to give you a service that’s made just for you. Our skilled brickwork contractors will be there every step of the way, making sure everything is done on time and within the budget you’ve set.

Our focus is on giving you a service that’s personal and outstanding, showing our commitment to making things right for you. So, when you choose MLS Contractors, you’re choosing a service that’s tailored just for you. So, is there brickwork jobs in Kent you need help with? Then get in touch.

Improving Your Home with Care

When it comes to expanding your home, MLS Contractors has completed numerous projects for private clients. Our understanding of the specific needs and regulations for domestic work makes us a trusted choice for many building and construction companies.

We recognise that having construction work in your home can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we prioritise tidiness and cleanliness throughout the process. Our commitment to politeness and courtesy ensures that the experience of having work done in your home is as stress-free as possible.

What sets us apart is our keen eye for detail, making us the go-to company for brickwork jobs in Kent. Not only do we excel in brickwork, but we also have extensive experience in flint work, stonework and porcelain.

Ready to enhance your living space or need assistance with brickwork jobs in Kent? Contact MLS Contractors today to discuss your domestic project ideas. Call us at 01293 225853 or email us at Let’s bring your vision to life.

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