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Building a solid foundation: Successful brickwork projects with our brickwork company

MLS Contractors stands as a beacon of dynamic construction expertise, placing a strong emphasis on collaboration with developers and a local brickwork company for the creation of newly built homes. This unwavering commitment to excellence in residential construction sets us apart. Our primary mission is to craft remarkable living spaces, emphasising cohesive design and architectural elegance.

Built on a work ethic that values both aesthetic beauty and the highest construction standards, MLS Contractors provides a comprehensive portfolio of professional services tailored to meet the needs of both commercial entities and individual homeowners. Our ambition is to be recognised as one of the premier brickwork company in the local area for those seeking excellence.

Since our establishment in 2012, MLS Contractors has completed numerous projects across the Southeast, solidifying our reputation for not only meeting but exceeding client expectations through efficiency, integrity and superior craftsmanship. We meticulously adhere to project timelines, ensuring prompt and satisfactory delivery.

The growth of our brickwork company is a testament to our professional workmanship and unwavering commitment to customer service. Despite our expansion, we remain rooted in the values of a small, neighbourly business—where integrity and friendliness take precedence.

At MLS Contractors, we value transparent, dependable and sincere interactions with all our clients, regardless of the project’s scope. Our firm belief is that building trust is the cornerstone of any successful project, making us a steadfast partner in your construction endeavours.

Collaboratively engaging with developers for those seeking a trusted brickwork company

From the initial conceptualisation to the final handover, MLS Contractors places substantial importance on transparent communication and teamwork. The dedicated team of experts engages in open discussions with developers, meticulously understanding their vision and aspirations for the project.


By comprehending the developer’s objectives and requirements, MLS Contractors can provide valuable advice and recommendations to optimise the construction process.


Acknowledging the crucial aspect of adhering to timelines and budget constraints, MLS Contractors employs thorough planning and effective project management methods to ensure that the build advances according to plan and concludes within the established schedule.

Construction services specialising in stone wall building

At MLS Contractors, our dedication revolves around delivering outstanding construction services tailored to the precise requirements and expectations of our clients. We specialise in erecting stone walls, utilising diverse construction techniques, from classic bricklaying to flint craft, block construction and stonewalling.

Our team of seasoned professionals brings extensive industry experience, mastering various skills and working with a wide range of materials. Recognising the unique nature of each project, we engage closely with our clients to fully comprehend their specifications and preferences, ensuring the final work exceeds their visions.

Whether it’s crafting a rustic stone wall to enhance your garden or creating an eye-catching feature wall within your property, our unmatched proficiency and craftsmanship shine through. We selectively choose premium quality materials and our team of skilled artisans takes pride in producing craftsmanship that stands out for its excellence.

At MLS Contractors, we understand the significance of your investment in building a stone wall. That’s why we guarantee value for money with competitive prices and maintain clear communication from the start to the completion of your project. We firmly believe that the foundation of a successful undertaking is mutual trust, leading us to cultivate enduring client relationships.

If you’re searching for a reliable and professional construction team for your stone wall project, MLS Contractors is your quintessential choice.

Guaranteed customised and personalised service

At MLS Contractors, we are immensely proud of our unmatched expertise. Our team, consisting of highly skilled and seasoned professionals, works collaboratively with you to create a customised solution that aligns with your specific needs and financial plan.

Recognising the uniqueness of each project, we are committed to providing a personalised service tailored to your individual specifications. Our team of extensively experienced brickwork specialists collaborates closely with you throughout the entire process, ensuring that every task is completed promptly and stays within the allocated budget.

Residential projects and additions

We have completed a significant number of projects for private clients and possess in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements and regulations associated with domestic work. This is why numerous building and construction companies entrust us to oversee projects on their behalf.

We understand the potential stress associated with having construction work done at your residence, which is why we highly prioritise tidiness and cleanliness.

Ensuring that courtesy and politeness are always maintained is our top priority, aiming to make the experience of having work carried out as stress-free as possible for you.

Our attention to detail is meticulous and we are recognised as the leading brickwork company in our region. With extensive experience in flintwork, stonework and porcelain, regardless of the nature of your project, we invite you to contact us today to explore your ideas!

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